Music for Chanukah  (a.k.a.  Hanukah, Channuka, Hannukah, Hanukkah, or even Hannukka!)


Songlyrics and songsheets:

   Two-page Chanukah songsheet (MS Word) This one was put together by Robin Selinger.

     Six-page Chanukah songsheet (html)        This one was put together by Marsha Fensin.

   With lots of Hebrew text (pdf)         This one is a gift from a Hava Nashira member, Michael


Some sheet music can be found at


Audio tracks for listening:


From the CD "Debbie Friedman Life at the Del" available at and

Not by Might-Not by Power (Realaudio) Debbie Friedman



Oh Chanukah Oh Chanukah - Tzlil V'zemer Children's Choir

S'vivon sov sov sov

Maoz Tzur

Miracle of The Maccabees - The Chanukah Story


From the CD "Celebrate Chanukah" available at and

     Ocho Kandelikas (mp3, clip) Flory Jagoda

     Light One Candle (mp3, clip) Peter Yarrow



The Latke Song  (Realaudio) by Debbie Friedman (at the end of this fun medley!)


From the CD "Shanah Tovah - Songs for Jewish Holidays"

The Dreidl Song (Realaudio)  by Debbie Friedman


From the CD "The Remains of Tom Lehrer" available at

Hanukkah in Santa Monica (Youtube video) music by funny man Tom Lehrer


From Ikar

Mi Y'maleil (mp3)    Maoz Tzur (mp3)  S'vivon  (mp3)


From the CD "Cha Cha Chanukah" by The Shirettes available at

      Cha Cha Chanukah (mp3 clip)       


From the CD "Latkes and Hamentashen" by Fran Avni  (songs composed by Jacki Cytrynbaum) available at

      The Chanukiah (How many candles) (RealAudio)    


From the CD "Just in Time for Chanukah," by Margie Rosenthal & Ilene Safyan, available at

     Chanukah Blessings (first one..."Ner shel Chanukah")

     Mattathias Bold  


From the CD "Jewish Holiday Songs for Children," by Rachel Buchman, available at

     My Candles ("In the window")  (RealAudio) 

     Drey Zich, Dreydele (Turn around, Little Dreydl)  (RealAudio) 


From the CD "Pray for the Peace" by Sababa (a.k.a. Steve Brodsky, Robbi Sherwin, and Scott Leader),

    available at

      One little, two little...  (mp3)


New song by Steve Klaper:

Light the Lights of Chanukah (mp3)   Light the Lights of Chanukah-sheet music (pdf)


New song...Music by Rabbi Larry Karol, Lyrics by Rabbi Larry Karol, and Lisa Baydush:
   These Lights  (mp3)    These Lights-sheet music (pdf)


New songs by Billy Dreskin

   The Maccabees (mp3)   Sheet music and background info

  Potato Latkes (mp3)         Sheet music and background info



Maoz Tzur (RealAudio) Western Wind, from the CD "The Chanukkah Story," Narrated by Theodore Bikel, available at


Chanukah Chag Yafe (RealAudio) Doda Mollie (a.k.a. Mollie Wine), from the CD "Chanukah Pajamikah!" available at


[another version...] Chanukah Joyous Holiday (mp3) From the CD "To Life! Chanukah and Holidays" available at

S'vivon (RealAudio) Jill Moskowitz, from the CD "Miracles: Chanukah and Passover Songs for Kids" available at,  and


Judah Maccabee (mp3)   Rabbi Joe Black, from CD "Aleph Bet Boogie" available at and


Lots of Latkes (pdf) English folksong originally entitled "Chumbara," adapted for Chanukah by Cantor Allen Leider.


Mi Y'Maleil (Doot-doot)  (RealAudio) performed by Kol B'Seder (Cantor Jeff Klepper and Rabbi Dan Freelander.) This song was written by Debbie Friedman, and you can find her performance (with no doot-doots) on her album "Not by Might."


Mi Yemalel  (RealAudio)  Achi Ben Shalom   Another beautiful melody for this traditional Chanukah lyric! 


Al HaNisim (RealAudio) Listen Up! A Capella, from the CD "Al Hanisim," available at


Dreidel Spinning Top (RealAudio) Sally and the Daffodils, from the CD "Put a Smile On Your Face" available by contacting Sally at


Judah Maccabee, the Hammer (mp3, clip) Peter and Ellen Allard, from the CD "Peter & Ellen Allard
Sing Shalom: Songs For The Jewish Holidays" available at 

Read the complete lyrics


Light the Lights (RealAudio) Elaine Serling, from the CD "Join the Circle" available at


The Letters on the Dreidel (Real Audio)  and Chazak V'Ematz (Real Audio)  Andi Joseph, from the CD "It was a Miracle" available at

Oh If I Were a Dreidel  (Real Audio) Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, from the CD "Chanukah Favorites" available at


Lighting Candles in the Dark (mp3) by Ros Schwartz


Shir Synergy (a.k.a. Lisa Baydush, Audrey Katz, and Barry Astrow)

   Chanukah's Here (mp3)  Sheet Music (pdf)

From the CD "Find the Sunshine" available at

   Triumph of Spirit  (mp3) 

From the CD "Sing a Song" available at

   Light Eight Candles (mp3) by Lisa Baydush

  Extras: sheet music (pdf)    video (wmv)  classroom cards (pdf)

Note-- Lots more "extras" available at


Chanukah Rap Sheet music (pdf) By Gordon Lustig Copyright 2003 Gordon Lustig


Haneirot Hallalu (RealAudio)  recorded by Robin Selinger

This Night (mp3) by Marge Eiseman with Kathy Gohr     This Night-Lyrics &  Chords (html)


Light the Candles (mp3)  sheet music (pdf)  and  Five Brothers Maccabee (mp3)  sheet music (pdf)  by Marcy Mirkin


We Kindle The Lights (pdf)  By Peter and Ellen Allard (sheet music)


The Maccabees (mp3, sample)  sheet music (pdf)  by Carol Boyd Leon, from the double CD set "Gan Shirim" available at


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